International Kids Fund (IKF)/Wonderfund

International Kids Fund Wonderfund (IKF) is a charitable program of Jackson Health Foundation that helps critically ill children from countries around the world, gain immediate access to life-saving medical treatments. Through IKF, hundreds of children with healthcare needs beyond the scope of their local hospitals, have received expert attention from medical specialists at Holtz Children’s Hospital.

Since its inception in 2001, IKF has raised over $21M for the medial care of children and has provided assistance to over 650 children from more than 50 countries. IKF is able to provide assistance to these children through the support and generosity of benefactors, organizations and non-profit foundations from the United States and other countries; and through our direct partnership with University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center. Without their help this would not be possible.

IKF is governed by an auxiliary board of the Jackson Health Foundation. This group of philanthropic individuals serve as program advocates who are dedicated to raising both funding and awareness for IKF. They also provide policy direction and oversight.

Join Us

Circle of Heroes – Our Heroes take great leaps of faith by providing a generous donation to help children overcome life threatening illnesses and find the strength and the power to win the battle against whatever ails them.

A monthly contribution of $100 or $1200 yearly for 5 years establishes your place in our Circle of Heroes. Such heroism, in fact, defines what is best and most courageous in each of us and gives children the belief that they too can be healed. Every year, our Heroes come together at the Circle of Heroes Luncheon, to celebrate the lives they have saved and bring new members to the organization.

Heroes of Hope – It is the goal of the International Kids Fund to provide life-saving opportunities to children from all over the world with conditions that can’t be treated in their country of origin and who arrive at our medical center with very little hope. Thanks to this inspirational group of men, women, and children who support us with their monthly donations, we can save the lives of more children.

To join or for more information on IKF, Circle of Heroes, or Heroes of Hope click here or call 305-585-5888.